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An Indigenous Agency that is also proud to be a Multi Cultural Center serving all.

Multiple Ongoing Programs


Headstart Preschool

The headstart preschool provides an educational facility for young learners

Prenatal Nutrition

Our prenatal nutrition provides nutrition support for mothers and their babies

Youth Outreach

Provide opportunities for youth in the community to experience positive activities

Any Many More Programs!

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Who We Are

About Kikinahk


Kikinahk Friendship Centre Inc. gradually grew from a community service group which began in late 1976 under the name Neginuk Friendship Centre. Over the years the Centre has grown to occupy (since 1986) a large building (20,000 sq. ft.) on Boardman Street in La Ronge with a gym, cafeteria, boardroom, several offices, preschool and a craft/activities room. The Centre began with the simple mandate of being a youth activity centre with emphasis on recreation.

Today, Kikinahk is a credible and integral part of the communities that together make up greater La Ronge. This includes the Town of La Ronge, Village of Air Ronge, and the Lac La Ronge Indian Band whose borders interact throughout these communities. It is proud to be a Multicultural Organization that serves all.

Our Mission


To provide a cultural centre for Indigenous persons

To directly provide social welfare services to Indigenous people through drop-in and phone-in counseling/resource and referral service

To assist people in their pursuit of adequate housing

To provide a recreational centre to persons of all ages, without discrimination, in La Ronge and area, through provision and sponsoring of recreational activities

To develop programs which enable persons to gain self-confidence and leadership skills

To provide a community focus for relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous persons

To provide job training skills and opportunity for employment for Indigenous people

To provide program services that promote healthy living

To raise and sustain high public awareness of our programs and services


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Our Community Programs


Click on a program name to see more information about that program.

The Family Service program is not meant to assist with one specific social problem but provide a wide range of assistance within the social areas. Services are generally targeted for individuals who are 25 years or older.

Kikinahk also provides a Teen Parent Worker. The objective of the program is to provide counseling, support, education and information to families and individuals. The Family Service program provides services to families through drop -in and phone resource and referral services. Some of the services provided in the program are as follows: Intervention and prevention services, Interpretive services and advocate in such areas as legal, medical and education.

If you have problems with your landlord, including problems with eviction, uncleanliness, or feel discriminated against, we can help by advocating on your behalf, including taking your case to the Saskatchewan Office of the Rentalsman for you.

We also provide Liaison services between inter- departmental programs and other agencies, referring clients to other agencies for specific needs such as abuse and anger management, accepting referrals from other agencies, filling out all type of forms, preparing income tax returns for low income earners, assisting families in locating suitable housing, provide budget counseling and trustee assistance when requested, parenting skills and providing information on type of resources available in the community.

This program works at street level with community youth, especially those whom are in danger of coming into care of Provincial authorities.

Over 700 youth registered for sports activities along with music, food, and other cultural and learning opportunities.

Program open Monday to Friday until 10 p.m.

Our CCIY program provides an opportunity for community youth to have recreational and social programming in our Centre, including our gym until 10 p.m. daily. Activities include sports, (floor hockey, etc), dances, theatre groups, and special activities that include special guests, arts and crafts, as well as some outdoor activities

Our curriculum is based on our six program components, which are Culture and Language, Education, Health Promotion, Nutrition, Social Support, and Parental Involvement. We have a set criteria for enrolling students, first of all they have to be three and a half to four years old and potty trained, families on social assistance – so the families can participate more throughout the day. Then we take families whose parents are in school, then high risk, then referrals – which includes special needs; children funded by this part of the program have to be Indigenous. Students that do not fit our criteria can still be part of our Headstart program by being accepted under Northern Lights School Division Criteria through Pre-Cam Community School, which have funded eighteen seats in our program.

Preschool runs from Monday to Thursday, Fridays are for planning and cleaning, or training for the staff. Our morning program runs from 9am-11:30am and our afternoon program runs from 1pm-3:30pm. We follow the Northern Lights School Division school year with the exception of the October break – our students come to school that week while the other schools are closed.

A general daily schedule for each class is outlined below:

  • Children arrive
  • Students have breakfast/lunch
  • Students brush teeth
  • Daily lessons (abc’s, numbers, colors, shapes – in both English and Cree)
  • Free Play
  • Circle time
  • Focused activity
  • Second snack
  • Social time (while getting ready for home)
  • Home time

We have many activities that the families can participate in throughout the year, such as; family fun nights, parent cultural activity night, Nobody’s Perfect, Come Read With Me, potlucks, fun days, information nights, etc.

The students participate in tours of the community in the spring, and go on outings when the weather is nice – our doors are always open for families to come in and see what their little ones are up to, and participate in the tours

The Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program is funded by Health Canada.

Partnership and cooperative activities at the community level is the key to the success of this program, working closely with the Nutritionist, Audrey Lints, Public Health Services and other resources that encourage healthy choices for families in the community.

Some of the services that the CPNP Team provides are:

  • Milk coupons and orange juice every two weeks
  • Nutrition information
  • Prenatal and Postnatal teaching
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Birth control information
  • Cooking, sewing and craft groups every Thursday
  • Transportation to groups as well as medical appointments
  • Home visits and hospital visits when requested
  • Evening groups such as “Parents Night Out” with the Teen Parent Program and Family Services
  • Organizing holiday events for the enjoyment of the participants and their families

The Nutrition Program’s primary focus is on participants who are high-risk, and meeting the needs of:

  • Teen pregnancy
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Abuse of alcohol, drugs or other solvents
  • Families living in isolation and poverty
  • Women living in violent situations and abuse (physical, emotional, financial and sexual)

However, all expectant women are welcome to join the Prenatal Nutrition Program!

The participant’s input, especially their ideas and suggestions are needed to create a fun and safe place for all those who attend. You are welcome to join in this journey of learning and sharing as we travel together into a world of adventure, may it be with parenting, cooking, sewing or just being a little crafty.

The Teen and Young Parent Program assists young parents between the ages of 13 and 25 years, by providing parents with necessary skills in giving their children the best possible care. This program is voluntary and offers a variety of services to young parents in La Ronge and Air Ronge who are Off Reserve.

This is accomplished by:

  • Counseling and support services to assist young parent/s in their role as parents
  • Providing opportunities of sharing knowledge and experience with other parents
  • Helping parent/s understand child development, child care and proper nutrition
  • Assist with budget management
  • Creating positive lifestyle change in the behavior of parents in relationship to their children’s needs
  • Referrals to appropriate agencies
  • Providing knowledge about resources within our community.

You can join the Teen Parent Program through referrals from various agencies or through walk -ins. The Teen Parent Program works together with various programs such as CPNP, Family Services Worker, and Kid’s First.

Participants in the program can be involved in:

  • Cooking session on Thursday afternoons allows the parent hands-on learn in preparing meals from easy-to-do recipes, have the opportunity to enjoy the meal prepared and help with clean up duties afterwards.
  • Sewing/craft session on Thursday afternoons allows the parent hands-on experience in using a sewing machine in completing easy-to-do sewing or craft projects.
  • Parents Night Out session on Wednesday evenings provides an opportunity for the parents to share their knowledge and experience with one another, group discussions and activities on topics parents want to learn more about, and for the program to access other helping agencies to provide knowledge about resources within our community.
  • The Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program is a 6-week parenting education and support program designed to strengthen parenting skills. The focus of the Parenting Program is designed for parents of children birth to age five.

Transportation is provided to the participants of the program sessions and childcare may not always be available.

Weekly program held each Monday evening.

Provides a place for children aged 6-12 after school each weekday by providing games, food, and other learning activities including time in the gym.

A Program for Street people operated out of our downtown centre. Led by our supervisor who has appropriate health education this program provides social support for those suffering from Mental Health or Addictions problems, and other supports including food on a weekly basis.

This program operates from November through April each winter to provide a warm place to stay for ‘street and homeless’ people. It works out of the same building and is supported by our Scattered Sites program. It has approximately 120 different clients each year.

Each year we do our best to put on a fantastic ‘show’ for June 21st National Indigenous Persons Day and try to have a combination of Music, Dance, Theatre, or Comedy that showcases Indigenous talent.

This program provides some get-to-together times that brings (with our buses if they  need rides) to our Centre to associate together, have food, and be entertained through professional Comedy (Don Burnstick has appeared), Music, Theatre, or other ways. One of our events has even been attended by the Lieutenant Governor.

This program allows our Centre to hire unemployed youth (aged 18-29) for up to 8 months that allows them to be trained in various aspects of employment, while gaining the experience that will allow them to work on their own and gain long term employment elsewhere.

This program provides some get-to-together times that brings (with our buses if they  need rides) to our Centre to associate together, have food, and be entertained through professional Comedy (Don Burnstick has appeared), Music, Theatre, or other ways. One of our events has even been attended by the Lieutenant Governor.

Each year our Christmas Hamper program provides a wholesome food products list which includes a Turkey, Potatoes, Veggies, and other items to needy families in our communities. In 2021 we put together and delivered 330 Hampers just before Christmas.

We have been extremely lucky to have received funding or food products directly from various funding agencies over the previous years and this continues today. For instance: in the 2021 fiscal year we received well over $ 200,000 in food products value that we delivered to our program recipients taking part in Prenatal Nutrition, Headstart, Seniors, Scattered Sites, and other Social Services programs.

We are fortunate to work very closely with the Jim Brady Metis Local and the Metis Regional offices who have their offices in our building and allows all of us to provide direct programming to this Indigenous part of our community.

Upcoming Events

Kikinahk Friendship is always looking for ways to engage and provide services for the community. See what we have planned in our events calendar, and join us for one of our events.

Current Job Openings

Interested in a rewarding career working with Kikinahk Friendship Centre? Head over to our current job opportunities page and see which positions we are looking to fill in our team. Job positions are posted until they’re filled, so you’re encouraged to apply to any suitable you see posted.

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Street Address

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Contact Kikinahk


Contact Info

Our Address

Mailing Address

Box 254
La Ronge, SK
S0J 1L0

Street Address

320 Boadman Street
La Ronge, SK
S0J 1L0